Getting Started:

★ Before any command is used, you need to select a starter Pokemon. The command is +choose [StarterName], where [StarterName] is the name of the Starter Pokemon. Currently, all Generation Starters are available, with the addition of Pikachu. An example of using this command would be: +choose Pikachu.

★ Every new player is given the opportunity to use the +daily command immediately. Use it, and get your rewards! This is your freebie daily.

★ After using the daily command, you must upvote the bot to use it again. As a new player, you can use the daily command again after your freebie daily. Just type +vote and click the blue link that shows up. You will be guided on how to vote on the website. After you have finished voting, type +daily and get some more rewards!

★ The +spin command helps you get extra Pokeballs and items! Use it every 5 minutes to reap maximum benefit!

To select various Pokemon, use the +select <ID> command, where ID is the Pokemon ID. Example: +select 4.The selected pokemon will be the one to gain experience if you don't have anything selected you won't level anything up.